For those of you thinking of taking one of our cooking courses, we’d like to introduce you to your cookery trainer, Milly Rees. Milly moved to Shropshire in 1997 and runs workshops and demonstrations incorporating inspirational Shropshire Hills recipes. Each Tuesday she will provide a recipe, cooking tip or introduce an ingredient which will hopefully fire your enthusiasm for cooking. See below our Shropshire Hills recipes.

Check out our events page for courses that you can take with her.

21/05/2019 – Rich Chocolate Fudge cake
Another Bank Holiday on the way – Here is a great cake for a gathering of friends or family – I’ve doubled the recipe in this picture in case anyone wonders about the sheer hugeness of it!

14/05/2019 – Iron Age Flatbread
In great demand to make at our stall at the Spring Ludlow Food Festival this weekend. Now you can also make it at home.

07/05/2019 – Asparagus and prawn stir fry
Something else to do with asparagus besides dip it in hollandaise sauce.

01/05/2019 – Ground elder pesto
From ‘Who or What am I?’ If you can’t beat it eat it! Ground elder in salads, soups – and pesto! PICK THE LEAVES BEFORE THE PLANT FLOWERS.

30/04/2019 – Parsley Falafels
Here is a wonderful recipe for the weather to hope to have.

23/04/2019 – Roman Libum
One of the recipes from last week’s Roman family cookery that was well received was Libum was a cheesecake sometimes offered to household spirits and sometimes to the household.

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