Explore Nature for Key Stage 1 at Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre

KS1 Science Activities

River and Pond

Investigate amazing creatures that inhabit the pond during a hands-on dipping session.  Take a guided walk along the banks of the River Onny and find out about the larger animals that live there; salmon, kingfishers and otters.
Curriculum Links: Science—Living things and their habitats Yr2, Geography
Maximum group size: 54
Price: £138 +VAT per group of up to 35, £276 VAT per group of 36-54
Available: March – November

Green Fingers

Become a plant, find out about the parts of your new ‘body’. Investigate trees and flowering plants growing in a meadow environment though games and observational activities.
Curriculum Links: Science – Plants Yr 1 & 2
Availability: May – July
Maximum group size: 70
Price: See standard charges below

Who am I?

Shrink to the size of mini beast and learn about the kind of places they like to hang out. Explore simple food chains; use observation and identification skills while meeting a whole new miniature world of creatures in the Onny Meadows.
Curriculum Links: Science – Animals, including humans Yr 1, Living things and their habitats Yr2
Availability: March to November.
Maximum group size: 70
Price: See standard charges below

Home Sweet Home

Are animals fussy about where they like to live?  Find out the answer to this question EITHER by comparing and contrasting mini beasts in pond and meadow habitats or undertaking a trail to discover the habitats preferred by some of our larger meadow inhabitants.
Curriculum Links: Science – Living things and their habitats Yr2
Availability: March – November.
Maximum group size: FOR POND DIPPING – 54
Price: £138+ VAT per group of up to 35, £276+ VAT per group of 36-54
Maximum group size: FOR TRAIL ACTIVITY – 70
Price: See standard charges below

Forest School Outing- A Grand Day Out

If you run a Forest School in your own grounds, we can organise a bespoke session here for you with a fantastic new environment to explore.

Numbers will affect the type of activities we are able to offer. Your session can be connected to any part of the national curriculm.
Maximum group size: 70
Price: See standard charges below
Available all year

Bespoke Sessions

Don’t see exactly what you need? Ask us about designing a session for you, covering the parts of the curriculum you require.


The standard price structure for the led activities are:

  • 25 children or fewer – £105  +VAT
  • 26 to 35 children (or one class, whichever number is larger) – £138 +VAT
  • 36 to 50 children – £210 +VAT
  • 51 to 70 children – £276 +VAT

Further information and booking

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For further details of individual activities, to discuss your individual requirements and/or to make a booking, contact us.

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