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Fishing on the River Onny

We are pleased to offer both coarse and fly fishing on our stretch of the River Onny from Kingfisher Corner down to where the river flows under the A49. You can fish from any of our 6 marked pegs.

The river contains trout, dace, chub and grayling and can be fished on a day ticket, available from the Centre.
A day ticket for fishing is available from the Centre during opening hours (10.00-17.00 daily). These are priced at £5.00 per person and under 13’s are free.

Anglers must abide by the following house rules:
• You must have a valid rod licence.
• You must adhere to all local and national bylaws.
• Close seasons must be observed for both coarse and fly fishing.
• You must buy a day ticket from the Centre before you fish. Tickets are valid during daylight hours only.
• Please take care not to damage the riverbank or any vegetation when accessing the river.
• All fish must be released back to the river.
All anglers must take full responsibility for their personal safety.