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As a small, independent charity, we rely on fundraising and events, together with income from our cafe, exhibition and shop, to raise our annual running costs. These can amount to an average of £500,000 as we fund our work in connecting people to the food, history and landscape of the surrounding area from our hub within the heart of the local community. Each year, we welcome over 120,000 visitors to the Centre, and provide learning opportunities for over 6,000 children.

The ways in which you can support us are almost limitless. Maybe a sponsored skydive is your thing or perhaps you’d like to assist in the organisation of our key fundraising events? Any contribution that assists our small team of colleagues is greatly appreciated.

Sponsorship of any of our events allows the opportunity of a mutually beneficial arrangement whereby we can share with you our varied and thriving programme.

Any amount of fundraising makes a big impact…

£50 covers the cost of one of our Bird Walks in Onny Meadows

£100 pays for one day of our Education Programme, providing activity-led fun and learning for school visits

£200 pays for the repair and maintenance of one Discovery Centre window

£1,000 pays for a Summer hay cut in the Onny Meadows, providing green space for visitors leisure time with friends, family and pets

£5,000 helps us to maintain the pathways around the Onny Meadows providing access to the fields and pools

It costs over £25,000 per year to manage the 30 acres of Onny Meadows, ensuring they are freely available for the enjoyment of the local community and visitors.

Help us to continue to be there for the enjoyment, benefit and learning of visitors to our Centre

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