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In 2017, after securing LEADER funding for developing our offer, we launched our new and improved exhibition, the Shropshire Hills Through Time.

Our rotunda cinema room shows an outstanding panoramic film; soaring over the hills, towns and rivers of the surrounding landscape. Carrying on his dad, Pete’s legacy, professional actor, Billy Postlethwaite narrates the journey where, from the height of Clee Hill to the valley of Clun, you’ll see the local landscape like you’ve never seen it before.

Our exhibition houses the well known and much loved replica skeleton of the fully grown male mammoth that was found less than 20 miles up the road in Condover. This replica is one of only two that can be found in the UK.

Alongside the well known Shropshire Mammoth and film are interactives and games for all the family to enjoy.

Follow Tusker’s footsteps from the shop into the exhibition, be greeted by the impressive mammoth’s rumble and explore to your heart’s content. Once paid, the exhibition is open to you for the whole day, to come and go as you please.

Use all of your senses to explore the Ice Age through to the present day. Find out about the mammoth’s diet and explore the sights and smells of an Iron Age hut. Enjoy the medieval banquets and learn all about the food, history and landscape of the Shropshire Hills.

Whilst entrance to the Centre and meadows is free, there is a small charge for the Shropshire Hills Through Time Exhibition.

Admission charges are:

Adult – £5.00
Senior – £4.75
Student – £4.75
Child – £3.50 (under 5s go free)
Family – £13.50
Members – Free
Carers can go in for free when accompanying a disabled person through the exhibition.

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