Our circular walks

We have six Discovery Walks leaflets specially created for our visitors to allow you to explore some of the countryside immediately around the Centre. There is some incredible countryside waiting for you and whether it’s an easy ramble through the meadows, or a full day through the hills and dales, our leaflets will show you the way and point out some the interesting things along your journey.

The walks vary in length and difficulty so there is something for everyone. Please note that all the walks were re-routed in 2017. You can purchase them from the Discovery Centre for £1 each or a pack of all 6 for £5.

Here is an overview of our six Discovery Walks

Onny Meadows

Distance: 1.5 miles

Allow 30-90 minutes to complete the route.
This is an easy walk for the family around our riverside meadows. You will visit our dragonfly hotspot, traditional hay meadow, orchards and the river Onny.

Riverside Ramble

Distance: 2 miles

Allow 1.5 hours to complete the walk.
A gentle walk for all the family. Ramble along the River Onny, through water meadows and return along the quiet lane through the ancient hamlet of Halford.

Stokesay Walks

Distance: 2 and 4 miles

Split into two routes, allow 1.5 hours for Stokesay Strolls and 2 hours for Stokesay and Sallow Coppice Walk.
Stokesay Stroll is a gentle circular walk along the River Onny, across the A49 to Stokesay Church and back. You will also see the fortified medieval manor house of Stokesay Castle.
Stokesay and Sallow Coppice Walk is a longer circuit which also takes in Stoke Wood and Sallow Coppice, with some wonderful views back to Stokesay Castle. In the spring, Sallow Coppice has one of the best carpets of bluebells in the whole of Shropshire. You may also see wild fallow deer here.

Norton Camp Climb

Distance: 5 miles

Allow 2.5 – 4 hours to complete.
An energetic walk up through beautiful woods to a large Iron-Age hill fort, Norton Camp, descending through varied woodland and along the River Onny to finish. From the top, there are spectacular views over the countryside, including Brown Clee Hill, Shropshire’s highest point.

Hills and Dales Hike

Distance: 6.5 miles (shortcut available) Allow 4 hours to complete the walk.

There are wonderful views across the Shropshire Hills on this energetic hike up Halford Hill through Lower Dinchope and up to the marvellous Flounders’ Folly, which on certain days of the year, is open to the public. It is said that on a clear day, you can see the ships going up the Manchester ship canal from here. If you see them, you have better eyes than me!

Wart Hill Wander

Distance: 10 miles (shortcut available) Allow 5 hours to complete the whole walk.

This is the longest of the Discovery Walks and is a challenging but rewarding walk climbing the Shropshire Way over Hopesay Common, home to wild horses and red kites, to Wart Hill, medieval farmstead and a great spot for a picnic. The route returns via the village of Wistastow, returning via the River Onny.

Inclusive Cycle Trail

We launched our all ability cycle trail in our meadows in Spring 2015. This a 200-metre circular route taking in surroundings of our site. We welcome visitors of all abilities who can use the cycle trail free of charge. The paths also make a safe place to learn to ride a bike.