Shropshire Way 80K FAQ's

Here is some useful information about the event which will help you to plan your entry. If you need any further advice, please contact us on or call us on 01588 676060 or go to our Facebook page

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• When is the festival? It will take place on April 6th 2024
• What are all the events? There is the SW80K, Mammothon, Half-Mammothon and Tusker’s 10K. SW80K is a 50-mile, self-led route with 2500m of elevation; Mammothon is a full-distance trail marathon with 1200m of elevation, Half-Mammothon is 13.1 miles with 650 m of elevation through forests, hills and fields and Tusker’s 10K follows the first half of the Half-Mammothon route.
• Where does it start and finish? The event is hosted by Grow Cook Learn, the charity based at the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre, Craven Arms, Shropshire SY7 9RS. This is the start/ finish point for all events.
• What time does it start? The SW80K starts at 07.00 on the Saturday morning. You have 24 hours to complete the course. The Mammothon starts at 08.00 with a 12-hour time limit; the Half-Mammothon starts at 09.00 and has a 6-hour limit, and Tusker’s 10K starts at 10.00 with a 4-hour limit. Start times are strict and no late starting is allowed, so please give yourself plenty of time to get to the start.
• What are the age limits? The minimum age to enter any of the events is 18 (you must be 18 on or before the day of the event). This limit forms part of our risk assessment and is demanded by our insurers, so unfortunately it is not negociable.
• When will I receive my participant guide? These will be sent out after Christmas. This contains all the information about food options, directions, kit lists etc. If you enter after Christmas, you will receive your guide within 1 week of entering.
• Can I bring my dog? Unfortunately not. After discussions with landowners, we have decided not to allow pets on any of the routes. This is due to the fact that the event takes place during lambing time and there is too much risk to livestock.
• How do I get there? Craven Arms is on the main railway line between Cardiff and Manchester. The Discovery Centre is located less than 5 minutes’ walk from the station. There is a bus from Shrewsbury and Ludlow (Route 435) which stops directly outside the centre. Public transport is the greenest option, so please consider this if you can.
• Is there parking? There is limited parking available in the various free car parks around the town, but we strongly recommend you car share or get dropped off if possible. Another option is to park at Ludlow and catch the train in from there.
• Are there toilets and showers? There are toilets at the Centre which remain open for the duration of the event. There are also toilets at all the main checkpoints, but we don’t offer showers.
• Is the course waymarked? The route follows well used and signposted footpaths and bridleways, and all entrants are provided with a written route description and GPX files. The Mammothon and SW80K feature race tracking, which means you can find your exact location on your phone at all times. It must be stressed though, that navigation is your responsibility, and you should know how to read a map and compass. The routes are NOT marked.
• What level of experience do I need to have? For SW80K, you will be out on open hill in the dark for many hours, so you will need to be an experienced hill walker or trail runner with a good knowledge of navigation and a high level of fitness. The shorter events are more manageable and will be completed in daylight, but you still need to be confident finding your own way in remote and hilly terrain. Of course, you may group up with friends or other runners to help with navigation, but all events are self-led.
• Do I need any specialist equipment? All participants will be sent a mandatory kit list which varies depending on the event you are doing. This is to satisfy our risk assessment and you will not be allowed onto the event unless you comply with this list. All we ask is that everyone carries what they need to keep safe. Remember that conditions in early April can vary enormously and you should know how to keep warm, dry and comfortable in cold, windy and wet conditions. Similarly, you should be aware of how to protect yourself from sunburn and high temperatures.
• Is there a kit check? Yes, there is a stringent kit check at registration where we will ensure you are carrying all the mandatory kit. Without it, you will not be permitted to start.
• How much does it cost? The cost of entry is £55.00 for SW80K; £35.00 for the Mammothon, £20.00 for the Half-Mammothon and £15.00 for Tusker’s 10K.
• What does this include? The cost includes parking, food and drinks at our checkpoints along the course, professional first aid support around the course and repatriation to the Discovery Centre should you need to retire. You will also receive a memento of the event and a certificate. The three longer events offer fully interactive race tracking. Everyone also receives a hot meal at the finish.
• How do I enter? You enter by visiting SI Entries’ bookings page at
• What if I need to cancel or defer my entry? We have a range of options available, and we strongly advise you to read our cancellation policy in the event disclaimer page before you enter.
• What maps do I need for this event? The Mammothon, Half-Mammothon and Tusker’s 10K routes are covered by OS Explorer sheet 217 and the SW80K route is covered by Harveys Shropshire Way map at 1:40000 scale or OS Landranger sheet 137 at 1:50000 scale.
• What about navigating? We supply GPX files and a full written route description for all the events, but these are as an aid to navigation only. The responsibility for navigation is yours alone and you will need to be able to use a map and compass to navigate.
• What facilities are provided? All major checkpoints (located approximately every 10 miles) have a good range of food, toilets, hot and cold drinks and snacks. They are indoors with seating and warmth. In between these, there are water stations which may be manned or unmanned, where you may re-fill your bottle and grab a snack.
• Is there a list of rules? There is nothing out of the ordinary; just common-sense rules to make sure you are safe. All participants will be sent a pack in January with all this information.
• Do we have to be grouped up at night? No! Although you are all welcome to pal up with fellow competitors at any time of the day or night, there will be no compulsory grouping in this event
• What are my accommodation options?
o All entrants will be sent a list of local accommodation providers in their guide
o The centre is open through the night, so you can bed down in our classroom, but this is unisex and on hard floors only.
• Can I “reccy” the route prior to the event? Of course. All the routes follow public footpaths, so you can use them whenever you like. If you have the opportunity, it’s always a good idea to reccy the overnight section as this is when you will find the most difficult navigation. Please remember to follow the countryside code.
• I have a disability. Can I enter? The nature of this event means that it will not be suitable for everyone, but we welcome entries from a wide range of people. If you have a disability and are interested in taking part, we would be happy to discuss any adaptations we may need to make to accommodate you.
• Will it be dark? Slower walkers in the Mammothon and all but the fastest SW80K’ers will need to complete part of the course in darkness. You will need to carry a torch and we recommend you practise running in darkness so that you know what to expect.
• I’m vegan, what food is on offer? Whatever your dietary needs, you will be catered for equally well. We love our veggies and vegans so you can be assured of the same quality and quantity of food as everyone else.
• What if I have to retire? You can retire at any of the staffed checkpoints and our rescue car will be dispatched to return you to the Centre. If you retire anywhere else on the course, it is your own responsibility to get homwe and you must notify event control.
• Will there be owls? Possibly- there is a risk you may encounter owls during the night-time sections- please take adequate precautions to protect yourself from them.