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Here at Grow Cook Learn, we are a passionate about connecting people to the food, history and landscape of the Shropshire Hills.

Encouraging exploration of our stunning landscape, we love to inspire visitors on the history of our area. By using and promoting local food, we run cookery courses for vulnerable adults to learn skills to cook from scratch and on a budget. And in everything we do, we aim to encourage everyone to get out in the landscape, promoting wellbeing.

We took over the running of Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre from Shropshire Council in 2014 and our landlords, Connexus (previously known as South Shropshire Housing Association), are a great support of our mission. They assist us in developing the Centre as a resource for the local community. The programme of events is developing year on year to fund raise alongside enhancing our offer for our visitors.

Our base at the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre is the perfect place to start your exploration of the Shropshire Hills. For those who are new, visiting the area or just want to learn more about where you grew up. The Shropshire Hills Through Time exhibition is perfect for all ages. It gives a taste of the stories from the hills, inspiring you to explore further. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to assist you further with your journey.

For more information on the charity and being involved in our work, contact us.

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