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Our New Wetland - Squelch!

Thanks to a grant from Severn Trent Community Fund, we have been able to create a new wetland area at the bottom of our Onny Meadows.

An important project this week has been screening off Squelch, our new wetland. We hope to keep this area as free from disturbance as possible, so we have created a bund on top of which has been planted a length of hedge.

As the hedge establishes its self, it will create a natural screen between wildlife and humans. Next to the bird-hide, we have erected a willow hurdle which will allow access to the site for routine maintenance. In the meantime, visitors are reminded to keep noise to a minimum when visiting Squelch and to keep dogs on a lead.

Although there won’t be a grand opening until the spring and we still need to install the interpretation and do some landscaping, Squelch is now complete and open. 

Wildlife is already moving in with a Little Egret and a Grey Wagtail feeding in the mud.