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Solar Power

We are about to embark on a project to generate some of our own electricity via a roof mounted solar array. We’re delighted to announce that, following a public consultation, Shropshire Council have approved the scheme and we are now in talks with the contractors to schedule in the works.

We are working in conjunction with Big Solar Coop, a non-profit organisation tasked with reducing CO2 emissions. They have the expertise and finance to support organisations transition to lower carbon systems through solar PV electricity generation.

In effect, we enter into a lease agreement with Big Solar whereby they purchase, install and maintain the system and sell the electricity produced to us at a discounted rate. The system is expected to save at least 14 tonnes of CO2 per year and the agreement lasts for 30 years. It will also save us around £7K per annum in electricity costs for now capital outlay.

This is another example of how having long-term tenure of the site enables us to develop and become more sustainable.