Understand the Past – Key Stage 1 at Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre

KS1 History-themed activities

Mary Anning and Dinosaurs

Talk about Mary Anning’s discoveries and see what she would have made
of Shropshire’s Silurian fossils, then make your own sea creature fossil.
Take part in a virtual excavation in a sand tray OR reconstruct dinosaur
skeletons using natural materials outside, then meet the Condover
mammoth during this chronological trip through prehistory.
Curriculum Links: History
Availablity: all year round
Maximum group size: 70 Cost: see charges

Mary Anning and Fossils  An Outreach Workshop – Bringing discovery to you!

Learn about Mary Anning’s life and make your own fossil. Then carry out a
virtual dinosaur excavation in a sand tray – what dinosaur will you find.
Curriculum Links: History
Availability: All year round
1¾ hr workshop suitable for 1 class
Cost: £121 + VAT, additional workshops on the same day £60.50 + VAT

Ice Age

How do we know what it was like during the last Ice Age? Why did mammoths go extinct? How were copies made of the real Condover mammoth bones? This session is guaranteed to feed enquiring young minds.
Availability: All year round
Curriculum Links: History
Maximum group size: 70
Price: See standard charges below
This activity will also be enjoyed by reception children too.

Bespoke Sessions

Don’t see exactly what you need? Ask us about designing a session for you, covering the parts of the curriculum you require.


The standard price structure for the led activities are:

  • 25 children or less – £105 + VAT
  • 26 to 35 children (or one class, whichever number is larger) – £138 + VAT
  • 36 to 50 children – £210 + VAT
  • 51 to 70 children – £276 + VAT

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