Food is our passion, especially using local produce from our wonderful Shropshire Hills area. Each Tuesday we will provide a recipe, cooking tip or introduce an ingredient which will hopefully fire your enthusiasm for cooking. See below our Shropshire Hills recipes.

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05/12/2023 – Kimchi Carbonara
A quick and spicy pasta recipe – and a wonderful mashup of cultures.


30/11/23 – Date Nut Tart
Really nice and not that naughty – dates have fibre and iron, walnuts have omega-3 fatty acids – and anyone who sees this dessert will be glad to help you just have this in moderation.

21/11/23 – Sheet-Pan Sausages and Brussels Sprouts With Honey Mustard
I must raise my hand and admit that I think sprouts are not just for Christmas, I think they are great, and here is a quick (whoopi), and obviously delicious, recipe using them.

14/11/23 – Spicy Butternut Squash Pasta with Spinach
Revelling in those autumn vegetable that make such delicious meals.

07/11/23 – Creamy leeks and butter beans with breadcrumbs
The kind of warming dishes that are so good as the evenings draw in. A creamy, cheesy dish but with a crunch from the breadcrumbs.


31/10/23 – Parkin
Traditionally eaten on Bonfire Night celebrations; it is essentially the northern form of gingerbread. This Yorkshire version is made using oats – and very good it is too.

24/10/23 – Black Bean Burgers
These burgers are super tasty and quick to make, as well as being vegan.

17/10/23 – The Simplest, Fastest, Chocolate Syrup Ever
This makes enough for two bowls of ice cream, poached pears, poppyseed cake or whatever else you would like to put it on. With a one:one ratio it is very easy to make as much as you would like.

10/10/23 – Chicken With Black Beans, Rice and Chiles
If you are looking to ring the changes with different beans in your diet, this is just the meal to add to your table.

03/10/2023 – Medlar Jelly
Apple Fun Day this past Saturday was a celebration of more than apple, it celebrated the bounty of the many things our meadows have to offer. Here is the recipe for our medlar jelly though apples, especially crab apples, work really well with this recipe.


26/09/2023 – Apple and Carrot Dog Biscuits
Share this year’s apple bounty with your dog. They are nice biscuits, so if you are lucky your dog may allow you to have one too. Just the thing for the celebration of Apple Fun Day with Saturday.

19/09/2023 – Spinach and Pesto Lasagne
A green twist on your usual lasagnes

12/09/2023 – Broccoli Salad With Peanuts and Tahini-Lime Dressing
What do you do with your broccoli stalks? Try this Thai inspired broccoli slaw. After trying this side dish you’ll be looking to buy broccoli with more stalk, not less.

05/09/2023 – no churn blackberry ice cream
One way to make use of this year’s blackberry bounty – this recipe comes from a posting by twitter friend Carol Gerrard


29/08/23 – Spicy Honey Chicken With Broccoli
The original recipe is made with the chicken and broccoli in one pan, but the other night I also thought that the chicken by itself would go brilliantly with corn on the cob and sweet potato (it did).

22/08/2023 – Three Bean Chilli
Don’t just reach into your cupboard to make this, but into your garden (or local green grocer). A great use for your green, runner and/or broad beans.

15/08/2023 – Courgette Carbonara
I’ve discovered yet another delicious way to enjoy some of the many courgettes that are being grown. Yum.

08/08/2023 – carrot biscuits
From World War 2, when sugar was rationed. And just like with carrot cake, these biscuits are tasty. A child who can count can easily measure out these ingredients. We made these at our holiday club.

01/08/2023 – Focaccia
A simple version of a classic Italian bread. Have with a salad or split it and put sun dried tomatoes, mozzarella, a drizzle of salad dressing – anything you want.


25/07/2023 – Paneer and Chickpeas in a Spiced Tomato Sauce
On these grey days, a warming meal to come home to.

18/07/2023 – White Chocolate Fudge Cookies
And now for a moment of pure decadence, I freeze the cookie dough and make them one as a time when in need, very rich and satisfying.

11/07/2023 – Italian Chicken liver tomato sauce and Tagliatelle
A rich tomato sauce with chicken livers and mushrooms, perfect with tagliatelle.

04/07/2023 – Rainbow Chard Stem Salad
Incredibly easy recipe for a delicious and beautiful salad


27/06/2023 – Roasted Courgette Pasta Salad
At this point you are still proud that you are growing courgettes instead of desperate to use them up, here is a wonderful pasta salad which showcases them.

20/06/2023 – Salmon Burgers
A quick store cupboard main, perfect for these hot evenings when you are weary

13/06/2023 – Gooseberry flapjack
We are getting to the time of year when the fruits of the meadow are available. Members of our volunteer meadows group picked some gooseberries last week and turned it into this wonderful treat.

06/06/2023 – Tuscan Chicken from Mary Berry
Delicious and easy chicken dish – especially when first made by daughter and son-in-law. Tuscan sun to go along with the Shropshire sun we have been having.


30/05/2023 – Lemon, Blueberry, Poppy seed Baked Porridge
Sometimes it helps to have a reason to look forward to getting up in the morning. This prepared in advance porridge treat will do that. Just reheat a portion and enjoy.

23/05/2023 – Asparagus and Fennel Pasta Salad
Quick to make and just right on a warm day and celebrating in-season produce

16/05/2023 – Shakshuka
Shakshuka is a classic North African and Middle Eastern dish of tomato sauce and eggs – simple, quick and delicious meal to make for a busy day.

09/05/2023 – Dandelion capers
You can pick a few, you can fill a Kilmer jar full, as you experiment with the outdoor larder and give your salad that pickled crunch.

02/05/2023 – Shropshire Butter Buns
There is fidget pie and Shrewsbury biscuits AND then there are butter buns. Hard to think of another dish that elicits more memories and so demands the recipe equal the memories. I think this recipe from Kath, @theordinarycook, does just that.


25/04/2023 – Green bean salad with tomatoes and olives
A great salad to have with meat or fish, nice to have the sun too, but it isn’t mandatory.

18/04/2023 – Bran Muffins
The spring children’s holiday club, connected with the Council’s HAF programme, mades these yummy and healthy muffins last week. While eating them, it was decided we should share the recipe wider than just their families.

11/04/2023 – Cauliflower and bread casserole
Someone described this as a baked cheese fondue – I love it with the cauliflower, bread cubes and caraway seeds.

04/04/2023 – Vegetable and Chicken Thai red curry
With this dish, add whatever vegetables you have or want to add. The vegetables in this recipe are just what was around at the time, though I think butternut squash goes extremely well.


28/03/2023 – Wild Garlic Pesto
Spring has sprung, the grass has ris, and the wild garlic is ready to be made into pesto!

21/03/2023 – One Banana Small-batch Banana Muffins
Something yummy to do with that one over ripe banana that no one wants to eat any more

14/03/2023 – Chicken pie for 2
Easy to multiply this recipe up to serve more. Much more contentious is whether you can call something a pie that only has a top crust – the Great British Menu didn’t think you could the other week…

07/03/2023 – Cauliflower and Tomato Crumble
This turns cauliflower into a delicious main with a savoury crumbly topping. For a moister dish used the canned chopped tomatoes instead of the freshly sliced tomatoes.


28/02/2023 – Creamy Kulfi
This is a rich and indulgent dessert that compliments a spicy meal (like the one served at our Shropshire lamb supper). It’s really easy to make and can be made in advance and served straight from the freezer.

21/02/2023 – Spicy Carrot Pickle
A delicious, fresh accompaniment to a curry (like the one served at our Shropshire lamb supper), and super quick to make. You can adjust the spices to suit your own taste.

14/02/2023 – lamb pasanda
Cooked by Grant for his Shropshire Lamb Supper last Friday, this curry is fragrant rather than hot and is packed with flavour. It works really well with our delicious local lamb, but can be made with tofu or chicken.

07/02/2023 – Pulled Pork in baps
This recipe uses an oven, but you could also use a slow cooker to come home to the cooked pork and put the final touches on a delicious meal.


31/01/2023 – Chicken Fricassee
Very decadent comfort food, but this chicken stew is quick enough to do on a week night when you need that little lift.

24/01/2023 – Chinese Walnut Biscuits (Hup Toh Soh)
A popular snack during the Chinese New Year and one enjoyed by Girls Group this week as we celebrated.

17/01/2023 – Soft burger buns
A fun weekend activities and the plus is that these are lovely buns.

10/01/2023 – Broccoli and Cheese Quiche
Usually the definition of a quiche is a filling with a savoury custard, this just has egg, does that make it instead a Spanish tortilla in a pie crust? I don’t know but it makes a lovely meal.

03/01/2023 – Mont Blanc
Named after the snowy mountain peak it is said to resemble. A very moreish special dessert of chestnut puree and whipped double cream.


27/12/2022 – Zimtsterne (Cinnamon star cookies)
Making eggnog (or anything else using egg yolks)? Wanting a gluten free delicious recipe for the egg whites? These biscuits fill the bill.

20/12/2022 – Tomato, Lentil and Basil Soup
Even with the weather now balmy (or barmy?) this soup is still a lunch time treat.

13/12/2022 – Uncooked Cranberry and Orange Relish
A very simple recipe to make, some would have you let the flavours marry together for up to two days, we are fortunate in my house if it gets to sit for an hour or two before we start eating it. It goes well with roast meat or mixed with some yogurt and eaten as part of a breakfast.

06/12/2022 – Parsnip and hazelnut roulade with cranberries
When Milly Rees taught here, her most popular courses were her vegetarian Christmas ones. Here is one of her recipes to wow your family and friends with if vegetarians are coming.


29/11/2022 – Cauliflower Cheese Pie with a potato crust
One of my favourite weekend dishes to do with cauliflower – nice use for potatoes too.

22/11/2022 – Pumpkin Pie
You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make this American classic – and how delicious it is too.

15/11/2022 – Pecan Tarts
The sweetness of the filling is balanced by the cream cheese that is used in the pastry. Lovely bite fulls that go wonderfully with a cuppa.

08/11/2022 – Steamed Pork Dumplings
A treat, using left over pork from a roast, on the odd occasion it is left – or you could go wild and make pulled pork just for this dish.

01/11/2022 – Kaddu (Sweet and Sour Butternut Squash
This can be a vegetarian main dish for two or a side dish with meat for four. It takes some of the sweetness from the squash which makes this more of a savoury dish for those who like to keep sweet tastes for dessert.


25/10/2022 – Butternut Squash Lasagne
This recipe by Yotam Ottolenghi caught my eye soon after harvesting the butternut squash. It will taste good whether or not you slavishly follow the recipe – I used fresh peppers, not from a jar, and didn’t have the basil.

18/10/2022 – Pasta with Chickpeas
A store cupboard recipe for a hearty, quick and delicious meal.

11/10/2022 – Beetroot Chutney
An especially inspired choice with bread and cheese.

04/10/2022 – Sticky Toffee Apple Pudding
A favourite dessert of mine since I tried this Gary Rhodes recipe. It asked you to steam it, but you can microwave to 5 to 7 minutes loosely covered in cling film, or use a slow cooker or pressure cooker and also get something delicious, warming and autumnal.


27/09/2022 – Pork with Quince
Try an ingredient which isn’t used that often – quince. The sharpness of the quince really cuts through the pork. A runcible spoon isn’t required…

20/09/2022 – Samosas
Delicious hot or cold, enjoy as part of a dinner, picnic or left overs for lunch.

13/09/2022 – Pear and Apple Jam
The meadows’ largesse allows for the making of an autumnal breakfast treat.

06/09/2022 – Elderflower Syrup
A timely seasonal recipe from twitter friend E. J. Gill @suzycoos


30/08/2022 – pea and broad bean risotto
Celebrate local fresh vegetables while we can.

23/08/2022 – Som Tam-Style Salad with Swede and Thai Dressing
You may have had swede mashed or in stews now try it grated raw in a Thai style salad taking the place of green papaya.

16/08/2022 – Courgette loaf cake
If you have too many courgettes, your neighbours may appreciate this cake more than some more of your veg (though I like courgettes cooked many ways)

09/08/2022 – Spanakopita
This pie is proudly showcasing the chard from the garden.

02/08/2022 – playdough
Make you own playdough! A fun thing to cook and play with together.


26/07/2022 – Caramelized Courgette Pasta
We are reaching the time of year when people have plenty of courgettes, with time and patience, this recipe will give you a, not-so-pretty, but delicious mixture that is great with pasta (as the recipe suggests).

19/07/2022 – Rainbow potato salad
On this hot day, the recipe had to be a salad!

12/07/2022 – Gazpacho
Spicy, cool, just the thing to sit down to on these warm days.

05/07/2022 – Raspberry Coulis
A punnet of raspberries and the thought of waffles, so it had to be this simple, no cook sauce.


28/06/2022 – Quick Olive and Walnut Bread
When I needed some out of the ordinary bread quick.

21/06/2022 – Coffee granita
A wonderful thing to have on a warm evening.

14/06/2022 – Magnificence Oatmeal Cookies
A family favourite and very decadent.

07/06/2022 – Elderflower Shortbread
A different way to enjoy these lovely tasty delicate flowers.


31/05/2022 – Golden Jubilee Chicken
Admittedly 20 years old and not a trifle, but a wonderful updated version of Coronation Chicken.

24/05/2022 – Savoury rhubarb and bean stew
I have always wanted to try a savoury recipe using rhubarb, this one originates from Iran.

17/05/2022 – Broccoli salad
A simple dish to celebrate some of the last of the purple sprouting broccoli

10/05/2022 – Rhubarb and Ginger Jam
A way to capture this precocious springtime flavour – great on toast and delicious on ice cream

03/05/2022 – Chocolate Pudding
Because sometimes you just need something rich and chocolatey.


26/04/2022 – Turmeric-Black Pepper Chicken with Green Beans
It is sweet and spicy and accentuates the turmeric flavour. You can use any fast cooking vegetable as part of it and I am thinking of adding some cashews the next time I make this.

19/04/2022 – Ground Elder Soup
It is easy to see how in the days before year round transport of vegetables, something alive, fresh and green would be enthusiastically welcomed.

12/04/2022 – Baklava
This wonderful sweet ended the Centre’s Shropshire lamb dinner – now you too can end a meal in this delicious way.

05/04/2022 – Tabbouleh
Fresh and easy to prepare, this is a traditional Middle Eastern grain salad, served at the Centre’s Shropshire lamb dinner.


29/03/2022 – Flatbreads
Have fun making these flatbread. Another recipe from the Centre’s Shropshire lamb dinner.

22/03/2022 – 10 hour “pulled” lamb
One of the hits of our manager, Grant’s, showcase of Shropshire lamb during a dinner at the Centre

15/03/2022 – Basic Tomato Sauce and related dishes
The last week and recipe from the Eat Your Way to Health course run by Hands Together Ludlow in partnership with the Centre.

08/03/2022 – Chicken and veg curry
The fourth week and recipe from the Eat Your Way to Health course run by Hands Together Ludlow in partnership with the Centre.

01/03/2022 – Apple cake
The third recipe from the Eat Your Way to Health course run by Hands Together Ludlow in partnership with the Centre.


22/02/2022 – Dinosaur bone Bread Sticks
A recipe to go along with our Dinosaur Puzzles family activity; if you are not into dinosaurs, call them grissini and enjoy them just as much.

15/02/2022 – Pasta bake variations
The second recipe from the Eat Your Way to Health course run by Hands Together Ludlow in partnership with the Centre

08/02/2022 – Sausage, bean and apple hotpot
The first of 5 recipes from the Eat Your Way to Health course run by Hands Together Ludlow in partnership with the Centre

01/02/2022 – Cumin-spiced Carrot Soup
A soup with a bit of spice to warm you up when the cold wind appears to have gone right through you.


25/01/2022 – Cinnamon Rolls
Just the treat to serve for breakfast (or afternoon tea) as you count the birds in your garden as part of the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend.

18/01/2022 – Pakoras
Whether you are looking for a vegan meal or just a main using your winter vegetables, this fits the bill.

11/01/2022 – Bulb Fennel and Orange Salad
Bright but simple salad that can cut through the gloom of January

04/01/2022 – Cheddar and Parsnip Soup
Still have some parsnips in the allotment/garden even after your Christmas roast dinner? Here’s a warming soup just in time for the temperature to drop.


28/12/2021 – tamales
The making of them as a family for the Christmas period is as important as having them at the table.

21/12/2021 – Stollen
A delicious Christmas yeasted cake filled with dried fruit and a swirl of marzipan. Warning it is very moreish so it never lasts long.

14/12/2021 – cheese fondue
A very simple dish that can seem quite special. Dip in cubes of bread and all your favourite steamed vegetables.

07/12/2021 – Biscuit Butter
Make it with Lotus biscuits, digestives, gingersnaps, oreos, – any biscuit you want. Use it on porridge, ice cream, fruit salad – again, anything you want. Besides having a jar in your fridge, it also makes a great gift.


30/11/2021 – Butternut squash and seed falafel
Wanting to do something besides just roast your butternut squash, make these falafel and put them into warm pita bread along with tomato, cucumber, thinly sliced onion and tahini sauce. Delicious.

23/11/2021 – Medlar Cheese
We’ve used medlars in Thursday’s ‘Who or What am I?’ but never had a recipe for them, so let’s rectify that now. Fruit cheeses can be turned out in one piece and cut in slices or small pieces.

16/11/2021 – Rose Hip Jelly
As you walk around the orchard by the river you can see plenty of rose hips. If you have never given their tangy taste a try, maybe this is the year.

09/11/2021 – Sloe Syrup
Do you wait until the first frost to pick your sloes from our meadows or do you worry that the birds will get them first and pick them early and pop them in your freezer before cooking with them?  Sloe syrup can flavour ice cream or cakes or added to wine or champagne making a hedgerow Kir.

02/11/2021 – Nachos
While Nachos can be used as an appetiser, in other families at the Centre they are elevated to the main course, add any ingredient you wish and enjoy them.


26/10/2021 – Sweet Pumpkin Pasties
Did you grow a pumpkin, want to buy a small one for cooking? Some will know this recipe from the Hogwarts Express, but whether you are a Harry Potter fan or not – these are delicious.

19/10/2021 – Waldorf Salad
A simple autumnal salad, especially good with the crisp apples just coming off the trees now.

12/10/2021 – Jamie Oliver’s earl grey spiced poached pears
Our pear trees are also groaning, poached pears are a favourite and here is one that doesn’t use wine. It says it’s best left over night, but that is hard to do.

05/10/2021 – Applesauce Muffins
Our trees are full of apples and these muffins make a delicious breakfast or afternoon snack.


28/09/2021 – Plum, hazelnut & chocolate cake
With plums and hazelnuts this is a celebration of what is becoming ripe in the meadows

21/09/2021 – Crab Apple Jelly
While you don’t want to bite into a crab apple, when you make it into jelly you get something sweet and a bit tart. Want to give it a try? Now is the perfect time to come down and pick some from our trees.

14/09/2021 – Apple and plum chutney
Beautifully seasonal and a winner with the cheese course as this year’s Magnalonga which we served.

07/09/2021 – Runner/Green bean samosas
Something a bit different to make use of your runner or green beans.


31/08/2021 – Shropshire Beef Stew
Shropshire Beef Stew- a mainstay of the SW80K, served in a barn high in the hills

24/08/2021 –Meadowsweet Pannacotta
Meadowsweet is still around to be collected, including in our meadows. Follow the forager code when collecting and try and get a nice wobble on your dessert.

17/08/2021 – Bara Brith
Bara Brith – Keeping SW80K runners on course since 2019!

10/08/2021 – whinberry pie recipe
From our Food Fair this last Saturday, recipe from Grant, whinberries from the Stiperstones.

03/08/2021 – Campfire Calzone
It has been a while since we have made one of these in our Forest School area, may have to do that over the next few weeks…


27/07/2021 – Courgettes and cheese over pasta
A quick and simple meal for a warm and busy summer’s day. AND one that will use your courgettes

20/07/2021 – Himalayan Balsam blossom jam
You’ve all heard the saying ‘If you have lemons, make lemonade’, well if you have himalayan balsam, make jam!

06/07/2021 – Freakeh Brownies
Milly has been experimenting with freakeh. This is a green grain made from young durum wheat which is roasted or smoked then polished to remove the shells. It contains higher levels of dietary fibre and protein than standard wheat. It also makes a delicious brownie.


29/06/2021 – Picnic Pie
With this recipe you will be all set for National Picnic Month which starts Thursday.

22/06/2021 – Elderflower Cordial
Now’s the time to make your cordial, the white flowers are out everywhere you look (including our meadows – we are happy to share).

15/06/2021 – Baked Cod with Crunchy Miso-Butter Breadcrumbs
White miso, a fermented mash of soybeans and rice, is popping up in supermarkets – here is a delicious recipe to use it in.

08/06/2021 – Bagels
Using this recipe you could be making your own bagels for the next weekend – a splendid thought. Give it a try.

01/06/2021 – Coronation Sauce
Classic coronation sauce, use with chicken to serve with jacket potatoes or in sandwiches and salads. Just the think to have on a picnic during this week’s weather.


25/05/2021 – Lemon and Poppy Seed Muffins
A bit of sunshine in a paper case, no matter what happens with the weather.

18/05/2021 – Twice baked Ludlow Gold souffles
A soufflé that you can make (partially) in advance and which shows off local cheese – what can be better?

11/05/2021 – Chelsea Buns
As you munch on a warm Chelsea bun, you can inform your guests that they were first baked in the 18th century at the Bun House in Chelsea, an establishment favoured by Hanoverian royalty. That fact is definitely worth a second bun.

04/05/2021 – Spring herb chicken Kievs
A delicious spring dish.


27/04/2021 – Floating Islands with Custard and Caramel
Beautiful and decadent and not hard to make, impress someone soon!

20/04/2021 – Wild Garlic and Cheese Scones
These have been a great hit in the Cafe, we hope they are in your home too.

13/04/2021 – Special Fish Pie
Something warming but still special.

06/04/2021 – Bobotie
A globe trotting recipe from South Africa with the added benefit that if can be made in advance and warmed up if you are on the go this week


30/03/2021 – Olive Oil and Potato Focaccia
Still have some of last year’s potatoes hanging around? Here’s a lovely dish to use with them.

23/03/2021 – Creme Caramel
While not what is normally thought of as an Easter treat – it has eggs and it is sweet – what’s not to like

16/03/2021 – Rough Puff Pastry
With this you can make so many delicious things: sausage rolls, apple turnovers, parmesan twists, etc.

09/03/2021 – Spiced Fish Cakes
Making your own fish cakes is quick and easy – with this recipe to help.

02/03/2021 – Hot Cross Bun
Those who share a hot cross bun on Good Friday with a friend, are said to cement their bond of friendship and insure good luck in the year ahead. So you have a month to perfect your buns.


23/02/2021 – Beet and Goat Cheese Terrine
Something a little zingy to have with your warming stews, pies and roasts.

16/02/2021 – Pancakes with Asparagus and Hollandaise Sauce
Just because you have a delicious savoury dish with pancakes doesn’t mean you can’t have them for dessert too.

09/02/21 – Fortune Cookies
Girls Group made these here last year, so families could do this as lunar new year extra credit. Easy to make, fun to write the fortunes, taste good.

02/02/2021 – Chicken Chasseur
A classic dish, complete here with the tips needed to make sure that it is a success.


26/01/2021 – Gluten Free Almond Wafers
A crunchy treat that is gluten free

19/01/2021 – Whole Orange Marmalade
Seville oranges are in the shop which means that it is time to make marmalade  – always a great way to warm up the kitchen and it smells so good!

12/01/2021 – Energy Bars
Part of ‘winter wellness’ is getting outside for walks and bike rides. Here is something to give you the energy to get home.

05/01/2021 – Sunshine soup
Some Milly Rees ‘winter wellness’ for the start of the year.


29/12/2020 – A Rich Chocolate Tart
A quick and easy chocolate tart yet elegant enough to take centre stage in any New Year’s celebration.

22/12/2020 – Rocky Road Yule Log
A no bake Yule log, perfect for anyone’s sweet tooth at this time of year.

15/12/2020 – Pickled cucumbers
Whether you are missing one last homemade present or just wanting a counterpoint to a meal this holiday season, this may be the recipe for you.

08/12/2020 – Roast Pepper Dip
Jazz up a meal your planning. Enjoy as a starter with plenty of pitta or think of it as a glorious relish to spice up pretty much anything.

01/12/2020 – Chicken Liver Pate with Sage
This pate is a good starter and can also be frozen to be made ahead of Christmas entertaining.


24/11/2020 – Fennel and pear salad
A refreshing salad which can be made simply or Milly suggests other touches that can make it more complicated too.

17/11/2020 – Sour dough starter waffles or pancakes
Turn the discarded half of your starter into a delicious breakfast.

10/11/2020 – Sloe Gin
Sloe Gin – a foraging gift for someone else? – for yourself? The sloes are in our meadows and there has been a couple of frosts…

03/11/2020 – Pumpkin Rarebit Soup
Something to do with a pumpkin besides carve it. A delicious, warming soup for this rainy, grey autumnal time of year.


27/10/2020 – Baked Apple
To go along with last Sunday’s Autumn Apple day, a dish with elegant simplicity that really celebrates the apple.

20/10/2020 – Spiced kidney beans
A ‘cupboard’ meal to use when you don’t have much time before dinner.

13/10/2020 – Pork with Quince
This recipe includes an ingredient which isn’t often used – quince. The sharpness of the quince really cuts through the pork.

6/10/2020 – Roast vegetable pasta
A wonderful way to celebrate the last of your summer garden veg.


29/09/2020 – Shropshire Apple Chutney
Brilliant with cheeses, meats, or as a dip.

22/09/2020 – Blackberry, bay and honey tart
Looking for a recipe for your booty from the hedgerow? Try this tart, similar to a Bakewell tart with juicy blackberries and aromatic bay.

15/09/2020 – Bean salad with hazelnut and orange
Use up some of your over abundance of beans in this salad just perfect for warm weather.

08/09/2020 – Courgette Pizza Crust
A family pleasing way to use some of your courgettes.

01/09/2020 – Apple and plum chutney
As you look at all the plums and apples on the trees and on the ground Milly feels your pain, this Apple and Plum Chutney recipe from her is one of the thing you can do with them.


25/08/2020 – Kashmiri koftas
One of the delicious things cooked on the barbeque during this Saturdays cycling event. Have it in a bun, in pita bread with salad and tahini sauce, or cooked on the stove with rice and runner beans for dinner this week.

18/08/2020 – Braised and barbequed short ribs
This is a great way of serving these meaty ribs but if the weather turns to rain, don’t worry as the ribs are delicious simply braised.

11/08/2020 – Peach and almond pie
Another of Milly’s no fuss recipes, you won’t be spending hours cutting up these peaches, to make something delicious.

04/08/2020 – Quesadillas and salsa
Food to eat without fuss


28/07/2020 – Chilled Summer Kedgeree
We are encouraged to picnic so here is a family favourite of Milly’s. Frozen fish and prawns work fine so it is a simple dish best served very cold.

21/07/2020 – Beetroot risotto with dill and fennel
This vivid risotto doesn’t take too long to cook and its goats’ cheese adds creaminess.

14/07/2020 – Redcurrant and raspberry pudding
A warm and comforting pud which showcases some of your summer fruits

07/07/2020 – Courgette and Feta Fritters
A lovely, light and simple main course.


30/06/2020 – Fruit Granita
If you have a glut of any fruit this summer, fruit granita is a wonderful thing to do for warm days.

23/06/2020 – Sourdough Crumpets
One of the many who made a sourdough starter? Reluctant to discard half to two-thirds of your sourdough starter during a refresh? Then turn your unfed starter into these delicious crumpets or pikelets.

16/06/2020 – Iced Rosemary Cake
Lockdown baking with a flavour twist

09/06/2020 – Breakfast granola
The recipe is from one of Milly’s Wellbeing workshops. Breakfast of champions! – though the recipe make lead you on a bit of a scavenger hunt.

02/06/2020 – Elderflower Cordial
On your walks keep an eye out for these white flowers, what could be better than to make some homemade elderflower cordial?


26/05/2020 – How to make plant based milks
If you do want to dabble in alternative milk-making at home, this will show you how. They’re all pretty much made the same way, and don’t require any fancy equipment.

19/05/2020 – Peanut and green noodle salad
Just the salad for the warm weather we are promised by the middle of this week, dare I even use the word – picnic…?

12/05/2020 – Spinach and Walnut Pasties
For gardens and allotments still with chard and spinach this is a perfect way to use it, if not, it is worth getting some for this dish.

05/05/2020 – Lebanese lentil Soup
A delicious and warming store cupboard dish – with pickled lemons, if you have them, to give a punchy flavour and a totally new dimension to the dish.


28/04/2020 – Rhubarb Ketchup
Many gardens have enough rhubarb to not only have it for dessert but to make into other things (and if not, greengrocers will be happy to help).

21/04/2020 – Nettle soup with spring herbs
Most gardens have nettles – so a soup for everyone! Since you need to leave some of your nettles for the butterflies, Milly Rees says that you can throw in some sorrel, chard, watercress, spinach or the outside leaves from a lettuce if you have any of these.

14/04/2020 – wild garlic pesto recipe
For those of you fortunate enough to be taking an exercise walk where there is wild garlic growing here is our Manager Grant Wilson’s pesto recipe

7/04/2020 – lockdown Aubergine casserole
Here is a quick and wholesome supper recipe using storecupboard ingredients. Aubergines are not too scarce but you could always use frozen. As ever, if you don’t have exactly everything, then just leave it out!


31/03/2020 – Spicy bean burgers (vegan)
Leaning towards store-cupboard recipes for those who are trying to avoid the shops, this is a good example of how to use dried packets of beans and pulses which have been soaked and simmered, but tinned is fine.  You can always freeze what you don’t need immediately. Milly make this in a food processor.

24/03/2020 – Chicken in sweet pepper sauce
A store cupboard dish which can be made with chicken pieces, fish or vegetables. A good way to use defrosted chicken or fish steaks. Double or triple to make a big batch to share with friends, neighbours or freeze for another time.

17/03/2020 – Chicken, chorizo and vegetable casserole
Batch cooking seems a sensible idea at the moment – for yourselves and anyone else who might appreciate a meal delivered. Here is a chicken dish which will keep in the fridge for a few days or put it in the freezer for lean times.

10/03/2020 – Green Soup
If you have chard and kale in your garden here is the soup for you.

03/03/2020 – Yogurt and Lebneh
With whole milk you can make your own yogurt and Lebneh, which is like yogurt cream cheese.


25/02/2020 – Golden pancakes
Happy pancake day! Have these savory pancakes for your main course instead of or as well as having pancakes for dessert.

18/02/2020 – Vegan Chocolate Tart
A chocolate treat – not eating vegan, make it with the milk and butter you use.

11/02/2020 – Ginger Chicken with Noodles
A slightly zingy dish to help you through the winter cold and flu season.

04/02/2020 – Broccoli Bites
Something different to do with broccoli.


28/01/2020 – Whole Orange Marmalade
Milly has all sorts of wonderful hints to make your marmalade a success

21/01/2020 – Vegan chocolate pots
Something wonderful and chocolatey whether you are purposefully eating vegan or just want a treat

07/01/2020 – Lemon Possett
Let’s start the new year with a simple but delicious dessert


17/12/2019 – Gingerbread Cheesecake
A Christmasy dessert in the form of a cheesecake!

10/12/2019 – Mattar Paneer
A quick vegetarian mid-week dinner with plenty of flavour.

02/12/2019 – French Onion Soup
A wonderfully warming and hearty soup for this time of year.


26/11/2019 – Sloe Gin
A foraging gift for someone else? – for yourself?

19/11/2019 – Pastilla
A very special pie, whether you use pigeon, pheasant or chicken.

12/11/2019 – Aubergine casserole
A quick vegetarian meal which can be brought to table in no time.

5/11/2019 – Top Notch Cauliflower Cheese
As the name suggests, a superior cauliflower cheese to put on your table. Needing some vegetarian foods worthy of a special meal, check out Milly Rees’ upcoming Vegetarian Christmas Cookery course.


29/10/2019 – Autumn Nut Tart
Some warm nut tarts that go along with hazelnut foraging and having something warm as the weather cools.

22/10/2019 – Fidget Pie
Milly is a brave woman with this, everyone in Shropshire has their favorite Fidget Pie, hopefully this will taste like yours.

15/10/2019 – Shropshire Apple Chutney
A local apple chutney recipe from Milly to cook while you wait for Apple Day on the 20th.

08/10/2019 – Apple Pie with a Soft Crust
Less than two weeks until Apple Day here on the 20th and a recipe from Milly to get you in the mood.

01/10/2019 – Plum Sauce
Here is one for anyone with fruit still on the tree or in the freezer. I am sure you could use damsons so long as you strain out the pips before bottling. A Nigella recipe from her lovely domestic goddess book


24/09/2019 – Raspberry ripple tart
This is a rich and delicious way to use Autumn raspberries and makes a great celebration dessert for September birthdays.

17/09/2019 – Chicken flats
A delicious way to have some chicken thighs

10/09/2019 – Mussels in minutes
A special meal that can be created in a very short time.

03/09/2019 – Panzanella
One of my favourite salads to do with a glut of tomatoes.


27/08/2019 – Apricot and pistachio tart
I love pistachios and am always looking for more ways to use them, like this.

20/08/2019 – sunblushed tomatoes
Make your own ‘sunblushed’ tomatoes, a delicious treat

13/08/2018 – Turkey and lemongrass meatballs
A healthy and fresh meal for the season.

06/08/2019 – .Coriander Falafels
Another wonderful summer meal from Milly Rees


30/07/2019 – Beetroot Patties with tahini and sweet chilli sauce
My beetroot are now of a size to pick, here is something different to do with them instead of just pickling them.

23/07/2019 – Aubergine and green bean curry
A great curry to tempt your taste buds even in hot weather.

16/07/2019 – Stuffed courgette flowers
These are a delicious treat and make good use of the flowers.

09/07/2019 – Chilled Summer Kedgeree
As we stay on our summer theme, a cooling meal to have on a warm day.

2/07/2019 – Pickled Redcurrants
The pickle itself is quite sweet and spicy but the currants remain sour – ideal for mixing into a salad or jazzing cold cuts.


25/06/2019 – Summer fruit meringue roulade
This can be made with any seasonal fruit.

18/06/2019 – Pan fried trout
A most delicious starter for your next dining occasion.

11/06/2019 – Elderflower panna cotta
Move over cordial, champagne and fritters – make room for something a little different made with elderflower.

04/06/2019 – Easy Lemon Curd
Just in case you have a fete to bake for or a cricket tea coming up. Milly Rees has just done a layer cake for an anniversary.  Or maybe you just love lemon curd….


28/05/2019 – Chicken and chorizo casserole
Something simple for a busy half-term.

21/05/2019 – Rich Chocolate Fudge cake
Another Bank Holiday on the way – Here is a great cake for a gathering of friends or family – I’ve doubled the recipe in this picture in case anyone wonders about the sheer hugeness of it!

14/05/2019 – Iron Age Flatbread
In great demand to make at our stall at the Spring Ludlow Food Festival this weekend. Now you can also make it at home.

07/05/2019 – Asparagus and prawn stir fry
Something else to do with asparagus besides dip it in hollandaise sauce.

01/05/2019 – Ground elder pesto
From ‘Who or What am I?’ If you can’t beat it eat it! Ground elder in salads, soups – and pesto! PICK THE LEAVES BEFORE THE PLANT FLOWERS.


30/04/2019 – Parsley Falafels
Here is a wonderful recipe for the weather to hope to have.

23/04/2019 – Roman Libum
One of the recipes from last week’s Roman family cookery that was well received was Libum was a cheesecake sometimes offered to household spirits and sometimes to the household.

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